Key features:

Fast and easy large format printer

The Océ TDS700 is an award-winning, revolutionary wide format printer that's easy to use and optimizes your wide format printing workflow. With flexible configuration options, it can be used as a CAD plotter, central production printer or commercial printer for high quality, high speed printing.

Field upgradability and connectivity to an Océ color device make the Océ TDS700 the optimal large format printer for now and the future. It is reliably built for excellent performance, and is an eco friendly wide format solution for your CAD copying and high speed printing needs.

Other Features:

Incredible large format printer features

  • Maximized output - 4.7 A0/min. (9 Ds/min.), and capable of running uninterrupted for 1200 m²
  • Unsurpassed configurability - choice from 2 to 6 media rolls, cut sheet trays, 2 scanners, color scanning, folders and finishing options
  • Superior output quality - 600x1200 dpi pico-printing for sharp details and smooth gray areas
  • Intuitive, ergonomic design for streamlined wide format printing
  • Scanner templates for one-step scanning with repetitive settings
  • Unique long-term investment - ideally meets your current requirements, field upgradeable as needs change
  • Eco-design - lowest energy usage, noise level and ozone emission in its class

Revolutionary, easy-to-use CAD plotter

With the Océ TDS700 large format printer, Océ Flexible Scanner and Océ TCS500 printer, you can optimize your black & white printing workflow and also copy and print in color. The color scanner seamlessly copies to the Océ TDS700 monochrome CAD plotter or sends color copies directly to the Océ TCS500 color printer.

The Océ TDS700 was designed to streamline printing of wide format engineering drawings from submission to retrieval and distribution. Print submission software is intuitive so you get output quickly and easily. Océ Radiant Fusing technology ensures instant printing with no warming-up time. The automatic media cutter in each roll drawer optimizes media changes and ensures consistent printing speed for mixed-size collated sets.

No time is wasted while printing on the Océ TDS700 large format printer. Even toner loading is easy, eliminating messy, time consuming changing of toner cartridges. Productivity increases as users spend less time waiting at the large format printer, defining scanner settings or loading paper.

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