Key features:

Océ TCS500 productive large format color printer, copier and scanner

The Océ TCS500 is a productive large format color printer with high processing power and 3 media rolls. This CAD plotter can produce your CAD and GIS drawings at high throughput, meeting tight deadlines. You can expand this large format color printer with a large format scanner to a wide format copier. The Océ TCS500 saves you time and waste. No trimming and automatically folded drawings with the online folder.

Other Features:

Speed up your project with large format color printer, wide format copier and large format scanner

  • 1 GB processing power, concurrent printing, scanning, copying and file processing
  • 3 media rolls and DIN-size printing, no roll changing, no trimming, no waste
  • Automatically matches print quality to content - no compromise between speed and quality
  • Queue management - print or copy your most urgent plan first
  • Direct access to color and monochrome, copy or scan directly to Océ TCS500 large format color printer, or other Océ monochrome large format printer
  • Online folding for automatic folding of drawings, accessible from every desktop

A true multifuctional with the Océ TCS500 large format scanner

Even during high speed printing to 3 media rolls, the large format scanner is fully operational. You can scan or copy your plans while the large format color printer is producing your drawings.

Océ Dynamic Switching technology automatically matches the quality setting to file content on-the-fly. When needed, you can change the quality and paper settings at the printer, with no need to resend your file. The productive Océ TCS500 large format color printer won't waste your time.

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