Key features:

Océ CS2224 Wide format color printer

This economic wide format color printer is a great way to present your colorful ideas. For your large format designs and technical plans, this wide format color printer creates excellent output combining vivid colors and sharp line renderings. The Océ CS2224 is simply the most convenient CAD printer ever.

Other Features:

Easy-to-operate large format printing

  • Easy-to-operate wide format color printer
  • Consistent output for large format printing
  • Reliable, on-time large format printing
  • Unique media profiles and excellent print quality
  • Low-cost inkjet plotter

Wide format color printer for CAD and GIS plots

Clear communication even under pressure. Whether it's engineering designs and drawings, architectural plans or CAD/ GIS plots, you'll see the difference in the sharpness and clarity of your large format printing. The Océ CS222 4 gives you consistently excellent results and is very easy to operate.

You can choose from printing widths of 24 inches (Océ CS2224) up to 36 inches (Océ CS2236), or a multifunctional (Océ CS2236MF) for quick, convenient copying and scanning of hard copy drawings. This economic and easy-to-operate large format printing solution will maximize the results of your design assets.

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