Key features:

Océ TDS100 Wide format copier

This economic wide format copier brings easy wide format copying to all your users and applications. It's always instantly ready for use so you can copy without waiting. No need for training, no complex settings, no trial & error, and no wasted copies. An easy wide format copier system for everyone.

Other Features:

Large format copier system benefits:

  • Easy economic plan copier
  • Easy high quality black & white prints
  • Easy for all applications
  • Eco-design large format copier
  • Easy wide format copier

Sustainable wide format copier with high quality

Thanks to its compact, eco-design and attractive styling, you can even place the Océ TDS100 wide format copier right next to users' desks. Its extremely low noise, heat and odor emissions contribute to a pleasant working environment. Energy consumption is low, so you can leave it on standby for instant use when needed. This large format copier has a closed toner system that can easily be refilled without spilling, and even the toner bottle is recyclable.

Based on the proven Océ large format copier technology, this plan copier ensures consistently high quality and reliability, even after long periods of operation.

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